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About Me

Art at its fullest capacity makes us attentive.

I've lived in Perú half of my life, in my spare time I like to travel and discover the most exotic places, that's where I bring my camera and take the picture that you can see in my Etsy store. I hold a degree in Art, Design, and Communications. Most of my paintings, photographs, and designs are the conclusion of events and experiences traveling around South America and Europe. I currently and still to this day, have been self-teaching myself in the craft for almost 15 years.

“Like many artists, I try to express myself through art. I find it much easier to deliver ideas, feelings and emotions painted on canvas; our joys and sorrows find a way to communicate in color for bringing a series of interpretations in the subjective world of art. I find art as a fundamental source to find ourselves, and if we are lucky, we can answer the deepest and most philosophical questions of our lives, even if those answers only make sense to us.

Introspection and connection with consciousness are essential in my work. I prefer a classic painting style with illustrative surrealist tendencies. When I receive painting commissions, I like to combine a modern touch and I’m very open to playing with new techniques and styles. Dreams paintings, portraits, and landscapes are my favorites, my signature is a thick brushstroke, people can perceive with textures the moment of the inspiration, I think this is a key in my artwork.”

.- Savaq

Painter, Landscape Photographer, and Designer, living in the colorful city of Saint Petersburg. Florida.
Style: Spontaneous Realism.
Influences: Surrealism, Post-Impressionist and Pop Art.
Acrylic, Airbrush, and Watercolor preferred techniques.
Self-taught + Graduated from the Art & Design school – Toulouse Lautrec. Lima, Perú. Collective Exhibitions with Art Aliens, Tampa, FL.

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